Ringneck Decoy HeadDecoys that are custom made by American Decoy come in a variety of hard to find species and several of our head molds, for both ducks and geese, have been designed for use with the current Decoys Unlimited molds, vintage D.U. molds, as well as molds once offered by Wilson-Allen and Lasco. A variety of regional favorite species of ducks and geese are available for the hunters that want to have a custom rig that represents the birds they are actually after.

Speckle Belly DecoyThere are two basic styles of finished decoys available. The first are smooth painted decoys made in the traditional wood-carving style. The second are custom decoys that have a burlap covering that adds a combination of texture and durability. Both styles are hand painted using the finest exterior acrylic paints, and all come with taxidermy grade glass eyes. Custom head positions with adjustable or removable options are available. All of the decoys offered for sale on this site were made from molds made from original decoy carvings or from molds dating back to the 50’s and 60’s. Decoys are made from an extraordinary material that is shot proof, rot proof, yet, retains the "feel" and handling characteristics of carved wood or cork decoys. The detail is so nice that many have found their way to the mantle, never to see the water. We even have a number of cork decoy carvers that use our heads on their own decoy bodies.

Wood Duck Decoy


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