Molds being offered by American Decoy are the same ones the finished decoys are made from. These are high quality cast aluminum molds that follow the same tradition as the Decoys Unlimited molds (now the maker of Bigfoot Decoys) of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. All that is required is an outside propane burner and a pot or tub large enough for the molds. Canadian Goose Head Mold

The process of molding is not very complicated. The main ingredient of a foam decoy is expandable polystyrene. It is more commonly referred to as EPS. EPS is an expandable plastic bead that expands many times its original size after being exposed to heat. The more beads that are put into a mold, the denser and harder the decoy will be. This flexibility allows you to custom make the decoy according to your individual hunting conditions. Plus damaged or old decoys can be cut up and recycled into new ones.

Snow Sneak Head Mold


Prices, availability, and descriptions of the molds we offer can be found in the purchase section. Molding information is provided with each mold including step by step instructions.